Baby Blue Redbird (left side)

Acrylic on Canvas

{RVIIU Nü Haikü².}

Å CNCpt frm Nölann's Father

Being hueman is
being vulnerable is
being honest

Deep sigh.....
I started to guilt trip you
like I hope you're happy

We're back here again
at the you ghost me I look around
you're nowhere to be found

Then you reappear
like we weren't supposed to
grab lunch a whole 48 days ago stage

What corona did was gave everyone
including you the perfect excuse
to flake + feel no kinda way w/ no questions like it's a get outta Cook County free card

Like that's gonna work for me
even tho you're MVP material
I'll go for a Giannis no look HARDen pass

That oops upside your head
might rattle some sense up outcha
clearly an Indiana area problem...