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Acrylic on Canvas

{Nü Haiku² XIII.}

Å CNCpt frm Nölann's Father

Our books must be written anew
because a narrative created by Us
cannot be controlled by Them

That's what we came for
at one time we couldn't
come through the front door

What's more
the whitewashing of history
is a literary holocaust of a culture

Don't believe that then riddle me this:
where the fuck
is Fred Hampton's statue?

I need answers from you
without Google's help

How is he even relevant
to this conversation?
I'll wait....

Just know from this day forward
we ask for protection + direction
from Aaliyah • Herb Kent
Toni Morrison • Maya • Octavia
Miles • Ermias • Timbuck2 • George Daniels
Mickalene • Tariq Trotter • Lorraine
Ta Nahesi • Iddris • Kehinde
Quincy • Walter Jones
Michael Sr and a long list of
real niggas and righteous souls
that you don't know and won't ever meet

But they are overseers
of OUR culture
so OUR pains
OUR prayers
OUR failures
OUR victories
remain OURS

On souls of free men + women
or however you chose
to be identified + addressed
in the People's Republic Of Chicago

Life can + shall be enjoyed
exactly as you see fit

The saints + the gods can be
whatever we think to paint
Ms. Rosales taught you that


In Cicely Tyson's name....
Söla {Prōnowncd Amen.}