Current Times (views from my city)

Acrylic on Canvas

Invisible Envelope {Nü Haiku² IX.}
Å CNCpt frm Nölann's Father

I see the face clearly
of the young man
that broke into the house
my daughter's mother owns

I often wonder if he's still alive
grasping onto whatever
strings and means he can
before the spirit of the city
snatches the breath from his body

These sons of summer
borne of distress in the heat of the night
know nothing of this air conditioning
you speak about that's centrally located

Sounds like a mind game
codeword trap to the uninitiated
that alter their life's course
with affiliations of little to no value

Who needs a half mask
on sight means even amidst a pandemic
there's an active shooter w/ a FN
serving booster shots
ready to disregard your six foot
societal statute with a smile

If only there was more to offer
these children of the corn and crack rock
than a backdrop punctuated
by the staccato of a thirty round drum

It happens as often as
you inhale + exhale laboriously
as one does in an environment
that holds a grudge
on the ground + haze in the sky
as a welcome mat for residents

Even the saints succumb
to the feel of things to come
days of future past
pass through ventilators first
ears next while heart and mind
finish a strong at long last

I wish you could find me on a day
when it's easier to be happy until then
I'll fight the forces + powers that be
as they pull your halo down
to choke you out.