Drowning in Love (consumption)

Acrylic on Canvas
$650 her | $1000 for the diptych (set)

Revival {The XX.}
Å CNCpt frm Nölann's Father

What if somebody is praying for you
what if those words don't work

Because nobody's in the business
of answering assholes favorably

Religion is thee most confusing
around the witching hours of
After The Let Out

When late Saturday night
blends like the freshest fade
into Sunday morning

Where the written + spittin word artists
are trying to find a suitable
Schoolboy Q SoundofGhettomuzik
studio muse like you

To help paint the walls
in my loft in the nude
while I sketch charcoal images of us bullfighting inside a china shop

You see right around
three in the AM
how things appear
in my stained glasses

My idea of god sounds like
a lovely young lady
hugging my apostle peter
warmly with her top + bottom lips
save my soul or take it w/ you

Out of body shock plan
like rear ending an Uber driver
under the influence of something
heavier than heaven

Back seat peep show
two freaks named

Martha + Mary from out west
cam girlin it up while he watches

In the rear view mirror is where
it all goes down not the DM

I'm thinking before all of the
strange + bitter fruit shows up like
the BM + The Holy Rollers

With their cherries + berries
on federal chariots
w/ Reverend Dr. Whoever in tow
we should just go

But if you've got nothing to hide
and your indiscreet beliefs
are held up higher
than your freak flag

Let's stay + see how it all plays out
but first we're gonna need
more than a little holy water

To get this coffee table clean
some kosher coca Passover powder
should get the stain of my sins out

Before they set and hopefully
I'll still have time
to get my robe pressed
heavy starch easy on the leaven

I need to be free
to move about the congregation
sweating weaves out

Talking that good word
for the last time
while never catching
a crack in my crease.