F*ck School
(no one man should have all that power)

Acrylic on Canvas

FDOS XX|22 {Nü Haiku² IX.}
Å CNCpt frm Nölann's Father

Your boys can spell
Ferragamo with no problem
but when questions about
multiplication arise immediately
insects take over the convo
crickets pull up at the let out
with the mid + treble to the max

Figuring out a spin for
the current situation has mom
being as irritating as these bugs chirping
tweeting about "uggh this new math🤷🏽‍♀️"
can't blame her she grew up
staring Y2k in the face cross-eyed
like the rest of the world losing their shit

Then Mr. West made that joint
that hit her soul like a ton of atom bombs when it all fell down she lost her crown
and her college tuition which led to
dropping out + other tough decisions

Her mother named her Porsche
because her old man
liked fast cars + faster women
not living up to expectations
strains even the easiest conversations

A contemporary of Ye's Alexus
with twins named Cayenne + Cayman
that ain't tryna hear from me
if you + your minis were focused
more on flash cards than flashing hard making sure they stunt like their daddy

They wouldn't be fresh to death
struggling for their lives
through this exercise in
independent, critical thinking
at a cramped kitchen table

Where the signal is sketchier than
your uncle that ain't related
that wants extra long hugs
and that jumpout panel van
parked at the opposite end of the block
{real subtle guys}

But there eye go looking out again
thought you could use a heads up
catch is they only work
if you keep your head up
otherwise what's said
easily travel pon top ya

But you be cool + get that
zoom + study room dialed in
before dem boyz flunk outta home school
now they both gotta find jobs
and word on the street is crime pays.