Gotham Pity (crime pays)

Acrylic on Canvas

Vigilantes {CTC Nü Haiku² IX.}
Å CNCpt frm Nölann's Father

The adversary of a man
with nothing to lose
is a most dangerous position
to find oneself in

The glory you seek
he does not share
The reward of gold + silver
he sets in the fire

His boundaries have
come to be as
the horizon

There is not a length
that he knows nor can he
understand defeat

There is nothing that
has not been stripped from
his possession

So the life of pillage + plunder
is where he makes his home;
in the house of the foreigner
he exorcises the blood
of enemies from his shoes

To underestimate such a man
means suffering of the extended kind
for your women and children

Your arrogance will satisfy
the thirst of my sword
for the blood of whoever you claim
covers you is hiding from me
as He/She should*
*{see gender rules for gods}

As the pagáns surround you
in a circle + consume your soul
then exhale like smoke into the wind
where the nothingness resides.