Acrylic on Canvas

Quattroporte Shortē {Nü Haiku² VIII.}
a CNCpt frm Nölann's Father

Sitting in traffic next to
a femme fatale real life lady killer
in an oxblood long wheelbase land yacht

Alive + well chewing crushed ice
crawling slow like syrup poured over
rush hour traffic

Snippets of stoned on ocean
exit a slight crack in the window
dancing on jet fuel + weed smoke

In the middle of Lake Shore Drive
in high priced red bottom higher heels
seeking escape from the madness

Anxiously awaiting
the changing green light

An exit to a wide open road
provided the impetus for
the less than impulse purchase

The pedal she's pushing to the medal
in pursuit of one for herself of course
is the mentality that gains access

To the winner's circle
I must say....
you really impressed me.