Acrylic on Canvas

Prince Of Peace {XIIth House Nü Haiku².}
Å CNCpt frm Nölann's Father

I spend my free time
base jumping off
the north face
of holy Mt Zion

Not for testing
but for trusting

Jah keeps his eye
upon the sparrow
so I know

He watches
with great pleasure
as the Black Man
that I am

Takes to the skies
and flies confidently
without fear

I let go of
what I think
I know

Only the fool
leans on
his own {mis}understandings

Expanded consciousness
leads to awareness
of the Great Spirit in the air

That I feel + take hold of
while re-entering
the stratosphere

Ending my journey
in Satchidanada
while signing contracts

For safe landings
in my father's field

Accompanied by
the strings
on Alice's harp.