Meet the Browns (Melanin League)

Acrylic on Canvas

On Gang {Nü Haiku² VII.}
Å CNCpt frm Nölann's Father

I don't care who you let in the door
even if I take a couple losses
out the gate there ain't another team
going for a run at rings
like the squad of young bulls
I let run down hill on your united centers

Intellectual comrade keeper
you say DR PERIOD b4 sis name
ice cold mile sight curriculum assassins
that'll check + check up on you
much more than a crew of street dudes

Monsters of the Midway
mindset dialed in
to gods + goku levels
my daughter watches me work
how I'll fall on my sword
before I fall on my word

Generational curses are erased
by learning how to think + act
after three more springs of training

Hrd bottom rubber street runners
meet the road my cubbie Nölann
is history in the making²

Maad Love homegrown
made in the Midwest
dope content distributor
No Justice No Peace
Plata or Plomo

Chronicles of riddick riot ready
literary narco terrorist
against the universe
on vacation in plain sight.