Melodic Blue (right side)

Acrylic on Canvas

2 {BVIIU Nü Haiku².}
Å CNCpt frm Nölann's Father

Heavy on the Reggie got you gettin
every call you want your way
P³ small busyness loan scam

Got that buck stopping here
fully exhausted + completely extended
is no excuse for trippin out on you

I put my hands out
I caught myself
I should have just said

I miss you + think about you often
I went for a walk on Wells St beach
I picked up garbage it reminded me

You're a thoroughly good person
that I'm meeting at the wrong time
for things to fly wright
two birds each with a broken wing

Look great on the ground together
but are threatened by their destiny
to soar independently through life

So they limit themselves
to the air above the
city skyline where you can have
what you want + be what you want.