Monkey See, Monkey Do

Acrylic on Canvas

Calling All Poseurs {Nü Haiku² IX.}
a CNCpt frm Nölann's Father

We call you vultures because
you echo Black Lives Matter
while circling miles high above the ground where those Black lives are

You give money in knee jerk fashion
to align with the few faces
that you've come to know
that come up in the top ten
artists to watch right now in Google queries
don't believe me come February you'll see

Culture is understanding that young men
in the 90s lost their lives
for hats broke in the wrong direction
and gym shoes of a NBA center

Kids step on makeshift memorials
that are dated and overgrown
hidden in plain sight all weather
teddy bear + plush monkey headstones

Mark where a young fly god
not even hoopin got eliminated
from life's playoffs for his Ewing's
now tell me what you know about that

The descendants of
Blaxploitation movie directors
mint anything w/ an edgy, urban look to it

The opensea is money in the wallet
until some genius w/ idle hands
siphons $100 million worth of Nü god coin
into off the grid grid grid accounts
it's a dirty game + few leave
w/ clean hands

But you always have a choice
you never have to sell your soul or IP
unless you're caught in
poverty's spin cycle + the plasma center
didn't return your call cuz you had

Cloudy blood + covid cough
so now it's back to the trap
and believe me it's just that....a trap
Que the horns.