N.B.A. (n***as being active, play your cards right)

Acrylic on Canvas

{Nü Haiku² XIII.}

Å CNCpt frm Nölann's Father

You see these
flower children
sprouting through
crack era concrete

They are in a league
of their own already
it's simply a matter of time
before they belong
to someone else's

Infinite possibilities are usually limited to
rap, reckless behavior w/ young guns
w/ bad intentions in Rhude garments
or extra curriculum activities in le hood

This game is called
duck or dunk but it's life
on the south + west sides
of any city w/ niggas in it

If only society would see you
as the strain that you are
maybe they wouldn't force you onto
this plot into this box or have to check one
or stay in or play + exist in a bubble
because that's not reality

The thing is when you escape
whatever environment is poisoning
your roots, there's another one waiting

It's an endless shop of horrors
there's an omnipresent white hand
that exists solely to silence the man
they pay exorbitant fortunes to

Ask Melo about the "I gotta make an example out of you" routine
opps is on the streets + on these teams
you don't say anything just play the game
they shout from the stands
We are not entertained w/ ur stance
They should've never given you
criminals another chance ask AI
they must've grown up Villanova fans

We need more Black owners
NBA word selection sucks
Modern day high priced slavery
draft lottery dressed up as
calling us boy + treating world class
athletes like chattel is heartless
such is life at the bottom of the top 1%

Going from broke to ballin is 0-100
real quick like the beginning of the end
nobody never told you stay away from
ladies w/ DIY in their name
it's a team effort that selfish demo
is the fast lane + a crash waiting to happen

But if I play these cards right
and hit these numbers
I'll have a league of avengers
around me all season + arenas cheering GO! so + so

My name is Gladiator
I battle to the death only to be hung
from the rafters so friend or foe will know without❓I came + went on my own terms

Final four square one farewell tour
wave god drip on the hardwood courtside
DJ Khaled pillow for my off white blood red
big stepper flowers from Virgil.