Sadly She Saw Her Demon's Shadow

Acrylic on Canvas

The Low End. {Nü Haiku² VI.}
Å CNCpt frm Nölann's Father

You can't see me
with the lights on
and you won't be here
when the lights go out

Your pills + potions
that promise restful sleep
have front + side effects
that include blind eyes + deaf ears

What you don't see or hear
is clearly by choice
and nobody cares for roadkill
that's why dead bodies
lay in the street for hours

The safe + sound you spend
paper money on only works
when the system doesn't for us
so prayers are made to sustain it

But alas why should you care
for a people that doesn't exist

Let history + the liquor tell it
we are merely heinous
rorschach figments of
the vivid, white imagination.