Tears of a Clown (bad black jokes)

Acrylic on Canvas

Reco Vs RICO {Nü Haiku² XVIII.}
Å CNCpt frm Nölann's Father

Humanity is
a foreign concept
in a "free" land
comprised of immigrants

We almost lost Detroit
that one time + nobody cared
about the babies

Then it caught fire
for good reason + nobody cared
about the brothers

Then we failed Flint.
that statement registers at
the atomic weight of lead

Pandemic money press
hadn't been made yet
so you guys should be prepared

To wait for however long
it takes for justice to come
to your front door

And if that day never comes for you
we apologise for any inconvenience
we didn't cause the subcutaneous
layer of your soul

We'll talk around
and about the issue
for years to come
but not one single entity
will be held accountable

So don't go holding your breath
hoping for a positive outcome
bad timing on these jokes

We know you can't breathe
that's our knee in your neck
whatever payment you get

Depends on how
much you've suffered
if you guessed the inhabitants
of the ivory castle
would rate your pain

From their extensive experience
in addressing the needs of the people,
you're on a roll + just won yourself

A six year supply of bottled water
for ALL your needs
we'd love to do more
but we're already tight with funding

That's what got us here
in the first place + we have to pay
the tailor appropriately so he can

Properly line our pockets
w/ the most amazing
deep gold parachute
you never did see

I don't need you watching
how my pants are constructed
just don't derail this money train

And maybe just maybe
if you're current on your taxes
and have no outstanding warrants
or child support payments

We can find it in our heart
to stimulus check your cashapp
b4 the scammers
crash the system again.